Tim Forman Art

1524 Coral Ridge Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
United States

Hello! My name is Tim Forman and I am an artist. I do oil on canvas paintings. Primarily, I paint landscape: the beach, the Florida Everglades, the islands, the sunsets, and the beautiful creation around us.

I am primarily self-taught and believe that God has led me to be an artist. Since 2012, I have exhibited my work in galleries, at art shows, and private venues both in the United States and the Bahamas.

People hire me to paint custom paintings to decorate their homes and businesses. I have a portfolio of available paintings that are for purchase or lease. The artwork preserves memories and captures beauty which can be enjoyed for years to come. I can bring artwork to you and paint paintings that are to the size and subject matter of your liking. My website is TimFormanArt.com, and please follow me on Instagram @TimFormanArt

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Past Craft Talks:

Tim is the third generation of Formans to be born and raised in sunny, South Florida. Born in 1986, he is the oldest of six siblings—all home-educated. In 2008, Tim graduated Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

Recently, Tim is blessed to be married to his beautiful bride, Becky. They first met as volunteers doing prison ministry together in 2016. Together, they live, work, and serve in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.