CP Handheld Technologies, LLC

2601 East Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 401
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306
United States

CP Handheld has a web based software tool for the retail automobile industry that automates vital dealership accounting reconciliations.  The process eliminates man hours, risks, and expenses while adding controls.  Also offer scanning services and equipment rental.
EnGenX is a GPS Fleet Tracking/Management system providing location and driver behavior insight, saving on fuel, insurance and increasing customer satisfaction on meeting appointment times.
ProTXTion is a powerful, easy to use safe-driving system that reduces distractions caused by using a cell phone while driving.  Blocks texts and/or cell phone calls while the ignition is turned on.  Tamper alert if disabled, allows emergency calls.

Web Software Services/GPS Fleet Tracking/TXT & Phone related services
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