Application Process

Do I Qualify?


Attendance requirement: 50% attendance

Who do you know in our Association? Joining Execs is by invitation only. You must be a business owner, principal or decision-maker for the company. You must be in business in Fort Lauderdale for a minimum of two years before joining.

Only one company in each business category is eligible for membership. This provides a unique platform to market your business as you are the exclusive owner of your business classification

How Do I Becomea Member

All applications undergo a rigorous screening process. Submit a membership application along with the $500 application fee. The membership committee will conduct an interview with the applicant as well as a site visit all applications are subject to board approval undergo a two-week reading where the application is presented to the general membership for approval.

What are the Costs?

Application Fee$500
Regular Membership (Quarterly Dues)*$445
* Required open house facilitation expense within 6 months is the responsibility of the newly approved regular member.

All applicants must be sponsored by a current member in good standing.

Committee Lists:

  • Executive Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Leeds Committee
  • Economic Forecast Breakfast Committee
  • Golf Committee
  • Holiday Party Committee
  • Executives Professional Group Committee
  • Emerging Executive Leaders Committee