My wife and I started our payroll services business in 2004 and were our own sales force.  Therefore, we joined several Chambers of Commerce and other Industry specific networking groups.  They were a good starting point, but in our third year I was sponsored to join the Fort Lauderdale Executives Association.  I quickly realized this organization was heads above any I had been involved with.  The quality of the membership, many that are companies on multiple generations of leadership, is unmatched in the Fort Lauderdale area. 

All individuals that represent member businesses are either the business owner or a key top local executive, meaning those that can make decisions and can write checks.  Payrolls Plus earned many members’ business directly and other business via members’ referrals.  Beyond the business aspect, the organization fosters the generation of personal relationships via the Open House events. 

This expands upon the business relationships the members have with each other.  The Fort Lauderdale Executives Association has been instrumental in growing Payrolls Plus’ business and mine and my wife’s circle of friends over the past 15 years. 

I joined the Executives Association of Fort Lauderdale in 2006 when our company was only 5 years old. Now in 2021 we are celebrating our 20th year as a technology leader in South Florida and our 15th year as a member of the Executives Association of Fort Lauderdale. The business world has changed dramatically over these past 15 years, from a financial crisis in 2008 to a pandemic in 2020; however, the Executives Association of Fort Lauderdale has remained a stable organization and has been instrumental in the continued success of Centuric.

On a personal note, the relationships that I have made over the years in Execs have help me guide Centuric through some difficult times and has provided an environment of mentorship as well as a trusted source of companies for us to buy services from. The Executives Association of Fort Lauderdale is by far the highest quality companies and people that I have had the pleasure of doing business with…. and occasionally a little fishing as well. 

We at Ed Morse Automotive have been in The Fort Lauderdale Executive's Association for over 25 years. The Execs are one of the premier networking groups in the county and has become a valuable source of business for us, both directly from other members and from their referrals. 

The Execs also gives us over 100 other local businesses, all of whom represent unique business categories, where I can just pick up the phone and talk directly to the owner, knowing that we will receive quality products and priority service. In times of need it’s also comforting to have business and community leaders who are experts in their field that you can go to for informal advice and guidance.

But even more than that are the wonderful lifelong friendships I’ve developed over the years.  Whether it's at a business "Open House" or just having lunch, or playing a round of golf, you gain insight into what has helped “the best of the best” succeed all while having a little fun. I am grateful and humbled to be part of such a prominent and respected group of successful men and women.

Our Executives’ Association is unquestionably the premier B to B organization here in Southeast Florida. We do business with each other because we want-to, not because we have-to. We know each other professionally and personally, which results in the expectation of superior service and the commitment to provide it. And the confidence to recommend a fellow Member to a third party…knowing that you can trust that the referral will be valued and executed with care and integrity.

The value of Execs Membership extends far beyond the business my company has received (which is substantial)…there is a personal side of equal and perhaps more importance. Our members include medical, legal and financial professionals who are always helpful when those needs are present for me and my family.

My endorsement of the EAFL is complete and unequivocal ….based on 30+ years of my Membership and over 75 years that my company, a founding Member, has held our classification. I guess that qualifies me as an expert on EXECS!

The Executives Association of Fort Lauderdale is extraordinary. I was first introduced to the association by a member who invited me to attend their signature annual event. The members I met were impressive and represented the best of Fort Lauderdale.

Unfortunately, I had to wait a few years before receiving one of the best calls in my life. My “category” had opened up, and I was invited to join. It was an instant yes for me. The deep and wide friendships built through the time invested together weave a network that puts every member a single phone call away from any solution they or someone they know may need. While I can’t speak for other members, I can say that I’ve experienced a 50x return on my financial investment in direct business alone. Many of our members greatly exceed that. I can’t imagine not being a member of this fantastic group of leaders.